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So, this is my first destiel fic rec. I’ve read so many fanfiction, but there are only a few that I can call my favorite. You’ll see that it’s mostly AUs, but there are also canon!verse and end!verse. I have a special spot in my heart for snarky/fucked up Cas and pining Dean. There’s a lot of angst, so be aware, but sometimes I read the fluffiest fics ever, so you’ll find them here too. Please, pay attention to all the warnings before you start reading.The first ten are my all-time favorite and I always keep re-reading them. But there are one person I think I should mention here. Dear Jenny, I love you and your fics and your meta. Don’t ever change. I’m going to update this every time I read a new awesome fic. So, hope you enjoy it! :)
♦ - Recently added/updated♥ - Personal favourite

Get Inside My Soul (AU) ♥author: angelivenantiumword count: 84,719summary: There’s something about Castiel that just makes Dean want him. Well, not even want; he needs to have him. He’s not sure if it’s the weird, often oversized sweaters or his thin wrists or that black, messy hair that make him tick, but he’s pretty sure the main thing is his eyes, that, unfortunately, never look at him twice. And Dean is freaking popular, everybody looks at him twice.Dean transferred to this school three years ago and is now a senior, and he’s been secretly ogling Castiel ever since. This distant yearning might have worked in the past years, but now it was just four months until he would graduate and leave this school forever, so he had woken up this morning and decided that fuck it, he wasn’t some 12-yearold girl; if he wanted something he would make sure he got it, even if that something was a rude hipster kid who didn’t even notice his existence. End of story.
Sweaters&Cigarettes (AU) ♥♦author: lemonoclefoxword count: 149,793summary: Dean Winchester is in high school, crushing hard on Castiel Novak, the unbelievably hot goth who Dean does his very best to convince himself he hates, despite the fact that he can’t really stop staring at him.Dean tries, but when the two of them finally cross paths, their first conversation takes a surprising turn. And suddenly, they both find themselves falling harder and faster than they ever could have expected.
FWB Verse (AU) ♥author: elizayeword count: 104,000summary: Dean and Castiel have been best friends since college. This series follows the evolution of their relationship.
Love In Every Stitch (AU) + sequelauthor: gedryword count: 11,121summary: Dean/Cas high school AU involving them being friends for a long time and Castiel falling in love with Dean and knitting him a sweater.
Through The Dark (AU) + sequel ♥author: endversedword count: 43,200summary:Castiel Novak is a low level reporter for the New York Post, up until he gets his big break: ASL star Dean Winchester has broken a goal scoring record and Castiel has been assigned to his personal story, meaning two weeks of close proximities. Except, the thing is; they’ve kind of got history.
We’re The Cliché (AU)author: endversedword count: 28,841summary: Dean Winchester is new to the senior year, and he’s kind of your stereotypical bad boy. Castiel Novak does not want to sleep with him. He doesn’t.
Castiel’s Star (AU) + sequel ♥author: blackdoggy1word count: 70,953summary:Dean and Castiel were childhood sweethearts until Dean fled their small town and left Castiel behind. Now ten years later Dean has come back to set things right.
In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere (AU)author: RhymePhileword Count: 34,040summary: It’s 1995, and Castiel’s high school years are destined to be difficult: home-schooled until eighth grade, he is awkward, shy, and socially inept. The weird kid with the funny name would rather isolate himself and draw in his sketchbook than deal with the constant bullying he faces every day. Things only get worse in his junior year when he excels in home economics class, leading the captain of the baseball team, Alastair, to start taunting him for being gay. Then new student Dean Winchester arrives at Flour Bluff High School, sharing many of Castiel’s classes. Castiel has seen his type before — handsome, athletic, arrogant, and sure to be the most popular kid in school. But Castiel eventually learns that he and Dean have more in common than he thought, and they form an unlikely friendship.
It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere (AU) + prequel/sequelauthor: scaramoucheword Count: 21,000summary: The status quo is this: Dean is the popular captain of the football team, and Castiel is the off-kilter nobody who doesn’t so much as breathe the same air as Dean. Then senior year happens and the status quo is shot to smithereens.
Shootin’ You Straight (AU)author: rockstarpeachword count: 40,400summary: Dean Winchester is in a band and Castiel is a fan. Not of the music, of Dean. An opportunity presents itself one night after a concert and Castiel can’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. Neither of them is happy to leave things at just one night, though, so they start up a romance troubled by long distances and Dean’s rock star lifestyle. It’s not perfect, far from it, but this is their story.
It’s Always More Than Once (Before It Takes) (AU)author: squeemonsterword count: ~10Ksummary:The first time it happens, it’s because of boredom. Or, at least that’s what Dean tells himself to justify it. Boredom and Dean Winchester are a dangerous combination, especially when you factor in beer, a raging libido, and laziness.[[MORE]]
Flaws Upon Your Wrists (AU)author: FollowingButterfliesword count: 82,157summary: You can’t hurt people if you don’t let yourself get close to them. It’s also easier to run.” Those are the words high school senior Castiel Novak has believed in for the past few years and he’s content with living that way until Dean Winchester moves to his sleepy Minnesota town with his damn leather jacket and his appreciation for art. Despite trying to push Dean away a complex friendship forms between the two and Castiel soon learns that no matter what Dean isn’t going to let him run.
Win A Date With Dean Winchester (AU)author: FollowingButterfliesword count: 78,596summary: When Hollywood actor Dean Winchester gets caught up in a scandal that could threaten his career if exposed by the press his agent draws up a deal with the press. They won’t expose the story if they can run a competition offering a date with Dean as the prize. Everything is fine until Dean meets the winner, Anna Milton, and her brother Castiel who Dean can’t seem to stop staring at or thinking about despite the fact that Castiel clearly thinks Dean is a talentless moron.
All the Way (AU)author: cadignanword count: 81,000summary: Castiel spends the first two weeks of college in much the same way he spent the previous years: alone with his books. He’s fine with it—he enrolled in college to learn, after all. Then in his first chemistry lab, he has the bad luck of being paired with snide, good-for-nothing Ruby, and the further misfortune of sitting behind Dean Winchester, the world’s most beautiful distraction. Ruby catches Castiel staring at Dean and makes him an offer.
Bring It On Home (AU)author: thecouchcarrotword count: 40,800Summary: Dean the Sales Rep just moved into the neighborhood, and his new neighbor is a possibly crazy shut-in. Wait - make that definitely crazy.
Cas And Dean’s Infinite Playlist (AU)author: kkingofthebeachword count: 48,070summary: [Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist AU] Dean is the strange bassist and Cas is the Catholic schoolboy, and really, they should never have crossed paths. But Dean is asking Cas to be his boyfriend for five minutes and suddenly it’s a whole night of cross-dressing cabaret, mixtapes, rock bands, and driving around New York.
Chalk and Chainmail: The Series (AU)author: angelwingsandthingsword count: 34,126summary: When Dean flunks chemistry his parents arrange for a peer tutor to help bring his grade up. When Dean realizes his tutor is the one person he’s been commanded to stay away from, he realizes his failing grade is the least of his problems.
Don’t Make It Bad (AU)author: deadpaiword count: 10,152summary: A boy who really likes the Beatles and a boy who really likes Led Zeppelin meet and instantly really like each other, but is their more to their connection than just the physical?
I Always Come When You Call (AU)author: deadpaiword count: 45,109summary:From high school, to college, to his career as a teacher, there has always been one constant in Castiel Collins’ life: his crippling crush on Dean Winchester. Just when Castiel thinks he’s finally over it, Dean shoves his beauty right back in Castiel’s face[as a model for God’s sake], seemingly just because the universe wants to torture him. Little does Castiel know, however, that Dean’s got quite the crush himself.
Gracelessauthor: cheesewithmyword count: 47,000summary: With the angels cast from Heaven, the big question is obviously how to get them back. The task is far from simple and the addition of old enemies claiming to be new allies only muddies the water. The fact that even their best plan promises dreadful consequences doesn’t help. Castiel just wants to go home.
Heaven & Hell Escort Service (AU)author: thejigsawtimessword count: 123,844summary: Loosely based on the film ‘The Wedding Date’. Castiel Novak is a high class escort, and an expensive one at that. He likes to help people, and being an escort allows him to do that… barely. Dean Winchester is a mechanic/waiter who may have accidentally told his father he has a long-term boyfriend to bring along to Sam’s wedding. Desperate times call for desperate measures… an escort service might not be what he wants, but it could be exactly what he needs.
Hard Roadauthor: Aleisha Potterword count: 58,441summary: Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he’d find himself: a gay resort, called “Last Hope”, geared towards failing homosexual relationships.
Dream As If You’ll Live Forever & Live As If You’ll Die Today (AU)author: commodoresexualword count: 29,400summary: Cas hasn’t spoken a word to anyone in years and is a drifter who works various odd jobs to finance himself. Dean is a guy with a violent temper who grew up in foster care and has just gotten out of prison for a stupid judgment call. The two cross paths in a pay-by-the-week boarding house run by an eccentric older couple (Bobby and Ellen).
Thursday’s Child (End!Verse)author: strangenessandcharmword count: 114,000summary: Spoilers for 5.04, ‘The End’. So I got to wondering: what would have happened if past!Dean hadn’t turned up in 2014, and future!Dean had actually succeeded in killing Lucifer with the Colt? Apparently, it involves lots of angsting. Who knew?
The Breath Of All Things (AU)author: kismetjeskaword count: 65,400summary: Dean Winchester was twenty-six years old when a car accident killed his father and left him paralyzed from the waist down. A year and a half later, Dean is wheelchair-bound and living in a care home in Kansas, where he spends his days waiting to die. It’s only when Castiel Novak starts volunteering at the care home that Dean starts to wonder if a changed life always equals a ruined one.
The Prank That Filled the Spank Bank (AU)author: bookkbabyword count: 41,000summary: It starts with a prank war and a chance meeting at the auto shop Dean works at. (Based off of Almaasi’s prompt: Castiel records audio pornography. Not professionally, or anything - he writes it and then reads it out, and uploads it free to the world. It’s not Dean’s usual type of porn - at all - but there’s something about Castiel’s gravelly, yet somehow smooth and beautiful voice that keeps him hooked.)
The Soul Pieceauthor: cloudyjennword count: 138,000 (WIP)summary: When a human child is born, their soul is shattered into bright gleaming pieces that scatter to the winds. The pieces settle and allow a person to recognize a part of themselves in others. When Castiel receives a soul piece, he is changed forever.
A Brief Glimpse (AU)author: cloudyjennword count: 12,356summary: Castiel is utterly convinced he can’t love anyone, but Sam, so when a strange occurrence at a carnival shows him otherwise, he doesn’t know what to do.
The Request (AU)author: cloudyjennword count: 36,000summary: When Sam Winchester prays for his brother, Castiel is finally sent on his very first assignment. But what should be a simple love match turns into much more and Castiel finds himself risking everything to ensure the happiness of his extremely frustrating charge.
The Mirrorauthor: cloudyjennword count: 24,500summary: When Dean touches a strange mirror, he’s whisked away to one alternate reality after another and it doesn’t take him long to realize the universe is trying to tell him something.
Ugly Sweater Verseauthor: nerdylittledudeword count: 146,000summary: If they really go back and think about it… it all started with a tree. A Christmas tree, that is. Castiel is human now, and the apocalypse is not only over, it’s been averted. Sam’s away at NYU, finally finishing law school, and Dean’s stuck in what is probably the most awkward situation of his life. He’s not exactly sure how he ended up sharing a flat with Cas in Media, Pennsylvania, but he does know the curious would-be angel is sort of derailing his plans for a life of decadence and booze. Cas is trying to make the best of his humanity by exploring human holidays. Dean can’t exactly complain because he’s pretty much the reason Cas got his wings clipped in the first place. Dean didn’t actually want to fall in love, but how was he supposed to know it would all start with a goddamn tree?
Freefall (AU) + sequelauthor: lastknownwriterword count: 129,000summary: The most exciting kindergarten teacher Dean Winchester’s life ever gets is when he plays mechanic in his uncle Bobby’s shop on the weekends. That is until a birthday party goes tequila-nova and he trips into a one-night stand with an incredibly hot firefighter named Castiel. Dean’s life gets a lot more exciting after that.
Angelhawke (AU)author: almaasiword count: 418,000summary: A Dean/Cas Fantasy-Drama AU, set in a medieval world where two men are separated by a curse: every sunrise and sunset, both are eternally bound to transform into animals. Every night when darkness falls, Dean Winchester becomes a wolf, and his human mind is lost until the dawn. As the sun rises, his lover Castiel becomes a hawk. Their story has been the same for five years - until the day that a young thief named Sam stumbles into their twisted lives. Without even realising it, he becomes a part of their destiny, their paths entwined in prophecy and fate. Together with a few old friends, they set off on a journey to break the curse, but it won’t be easy. To pass the time, Dean and Castiel take turns to recount their past to Sam, narrating the tale of how they met, how they formed their profound bond, and how they found themselves wanting what no man should ever want: the touch of another man. ‘Angelhawke’ is a saga of forbidden love, friendship, and magic - but above all, family. Partially based on the 1985 movie ‘Ladyhawke’.
Try-Something-Tuesday (AU)author: almaasiword count: 48,300 summary: Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He’s new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean’s curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not? Except, fate never intended it to be one-time-only…
Twist & Shout (AU)author: discover and standbymeword count: 97,500summary: What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.
Point Pleasant (AU)author: chainedtoacometword count: 173,000summary: Dean Winchester grew up in the idyllic town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A terrifying encounter with the supernatural during his childhood shaped his worldview and served as the catalyst for his successful career as a bestselling horror writer. Dean left Point Pleasant at the age of twenty, driven from his hometown by rejection and heartbreak, but thirteen years after abandoning his home and family, Dean finds himself drawn back to the town by the promise of investigating the apparent reemergence of the supernatural creature responsible for Dean’s childhood nightmares. Once back in Point Pleasant, Dean is confronted not only by the town’s resident monster, the Mothman, but also by his childhood best friend, Castiel Novak. Together, with Bobby Singer—the old drunk who lives on the edge of town—Dean and Castiel uncover the mystery of Point Pleasant’s Mothman in all its terrifying reality. Point Pleasant is a horror story, but aims to show that the ghosts that haunt us are sometimes made of flesh and blood. And sometimes, they lead us home.
Chasing Cars (AU)author: ratherbehereword count: 45,438summary: After an awkward accidental encounter at a local strip club, Castiel discovers his college roommate, Dean, has a secret career as a stripper, and their relationship begins to change and a bond begins to form. They face the joys and challenges of life together and discover along the way how deeply they’ve come to care for each other.
Porcelain (AU)author: SameDestinationword count: 72,674summary: High School AU ~ Dean Winchester has it all. He’s captain of the football team, a self-confessed ladies’ man and one of the most popular guys in school. But, is all of that about to change when he meets the mysterious Castiel Novak in an online chat-room?
The Open Sky (Is Mine Tonight) (AU)author: weatheredlawword count: 21,932summary: Castiel Novak is a wedding planner in San Francisco who doesn’t have the time or the energy for a relationship right now. After an accident introduces him to the charming pediatrician Dean Winchester, he thinks that might change. Unfortunately, Dean is engaged to Castiel’s new favorite client, Anna Milton, and it’s suddenly a game of tug-o-war between what Castiel wants and what Castiel needs — but as he comes to find out, often time those things are exactly the same.
The Boy Done Wrong Again (AU)author: seasideimprovisationword count: 29,349summary: After Castiel lies about losing his virginity he manages to put himself on the high school social map. But after one lie leads to another, to another, to another, he becomes public enemy number one to Raphael and the notorious Bible Club, his best friend stops talking to him, and Dean Winchester keeps showing up everywhere. And so Castiel learns the advantages and disadvantages of being (faux) sexually promiscuous. (Roughly based on Easy A).
And Anywhere I Lay My Head I’ll Call It Home (AU)author: janie_tangerineword count: 13,100summary: Wherein Dean is driving to California but gets sidetracked, and Castiel plays Tom Waits songs in the middle of nowhere.
Angel On The Radio (AU)author: seazuword count: 63,300summary:  Dean’s just started University, and he’s finding it hard to adjust. His only relief comes in listening to the mysterious show ‘Angel’s Demons’ on the Uni radio where a man known only as Angel becomes his only friend without even knowing Dean exists.
Have Love, Will Travel (AU)author: squeemonsterword count: 94,000Summary: Castiel Novak is a reclusive writer with a childhood so tragic it’s left him terrified to leave his home—until his overbearing brother, Gabriel, drags him out for a night on the town full of booze and strip clubs, and he encounters Dean Winchester, a mesmerizing and mysterious stripper with secrets of his own. Both men find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, and soon Dean’s private dances for Castiel become much more, as both men confess their troubles and find solace in each other’s company. But neither can seem to find the courage to take their relationship further than the intimacy of the club’s VIP Room—and just when Dean’s own brother gives him the excuse he needs to finally admit his feelings, Dean discovers something that brings it all crumbling down. Will they find a way past their demons and their trust issues, and back to each other?
Crossroads State (AU)author: Mercyword count: 54,000summary:Castiel has a nice predictable structured life teaching high school, even if he happens to be overqualified for it. Then this guy moves in around the corner and literally knocks him on his ass.
Unconditionally Horny and Eternally Sad (AU)author: wormstachesword count: 31,700summary: It’s your typical boy-likes-boy story. Boy 1 is sad, Boy 2 is horny. Let’s call Boy 1 Castiel Novak; he’s spent his entire life being left behind by everybody around him. Boy 2 is named Dean Winchester; he just wants Castiel to fall in love with him, and is determined to show Cas he isn’t everybody.
12 Steps (AU)author: gedryword count: 33,032summary: The 12 Steps tell you to keep it simple, but Dean Winchester has never been good at keeping anything simple.  So, with the help and support of the core people in his life he’s giving sobriety his best shot, which even on a good day is a struggle.  But as he works at it he makes progress and starts to rediscover himself, and maybe find love with the new guy next door.
It Never Gets Better Anyway (AU)author: wolfrider89word count: 15,500summary:Castiel knows life isn’t fair. If it was, then he wouldn’t be bullied for things that others get away with constantly. It isn’t fair of him to hate Dean either, but life isn’t fair, and neither is Castiel.
Don’t Ever Look Back (AU)author: Misachanword count: 36,039summary: Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he’ll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean’s and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean’s skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel’s brothers aren’t just strange, they’re dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn’t all he wants. A Dean/Castiel high school love story with fist fights, movie nights, make outs, broken hearts, hospital vigils and a steamed up hotel shower.
Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake (AU)author: sparseparsleyword count: 31,000summary: Dean is a waiter in a strip club to put his kid brother through school. Castiel is dragged to the club as a part of his sister Anna’s bachelorette party. Dean and Cas hit it off, but Dean thinks Cas is the one marrying Anna.
Jump The Track (AU)author: lafleurdumal85word count: 83,300summary: It’s Dean’s senior year at Lawrence High, and he’s already given up on himself. It takes the arrival of the strange, intense, awkward Castiel Delacroix at the school to prove to Dean that maybe his life is worth saving after all.
300 Things (AU)author: cautionzombiesword count: 76,500summary: Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule.
A Lot Like Fallingauthor: komodobitsword count: 88,900summary: Post-Swan Song AU. It’s just your run-of-the-mill monster hunt until Castiel suddenly powers down and loses all his mojo faster than a hooker siphoning petrol from the back of a customer’s truck. Completely lacking any sort of answer as to what the hell is going on, Team Free Will hole up within the safe confines of Bobby’s house, where at the very least there are books, tools, and a steady supply of peppermint tea. It’s pretty damn inconvenient, to be honest - Dean’s already got enough on his plate trying to work out his place in the aftermath of a very anticlimactic Apocalypse, without also having to babysit an angel who is on a daily basis growing ever weaker, sicker, and, by all indications, gayer than a maypole — thanks to Sam’s musical influence. However, as freak snowstorms pin them in place, and as days turn into weeks with no new answers, there are certain truths which must be confronted: that Dean’s frustration runs deeper than cabin fever, that there is a darkness inside Castiel rattling to rear its ugly head, and that the evil seeping into every crevice and corner of Bobby’s house is only getting started.
Cruel Dares and Twisted Truth (AU)author: destielshipperword count: 57,780summary: It’s their mutual hatred for one another that keeps them at odds but when a dare is given to Dean Winchester for Castiel he has to take it. It’s all fun and games till hearts are broken and secrets are spilled for everyone to see.
Ergative/Absolutive (AU) ♥author: beastoftheskyword count:6,303summary:He really shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like this about his best friend who literally just broke up with his girlfriend, but he knows he’ll blame it on sleepiness in the morning. He always does
Suburban War (AU)author: squeemonsterword count:105,000summary: Moving to Lawrence with his family is the most significant event of Dean Winchester’s life. It brings a stability he’s never known, and the only thing to have more of a profound impact on him is Castiel Novak: the two boys become fast friends the day they meet. But as Dean grows older, he dreams for something beyond the monotony and constraints of suburbia, and he is haunted by the inexplicable feeling that he was born for something more than what this life offers. As he struggles to reconcile the person he yearns to be with what his family and friends expect of him, a fateful choice exposes just how fragile his life in the suburbs is, and possibly risks losing the best friend he’s ever had.
Come On With The Rain (AU)author: remivelword count: 36038summary: When Castiel was 15, his life changed. In one tragic instant, he lost his parents, and he was forced to live with his Uncle Bobby in Lawrence, Kansas. There he met the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean, who were living next door. He thought Sam was pleasant, and Dean, well, Dean was special. Three years passed and Castiel’s relationship with the boys developed in an unexpected way. Sam became his best friend. But Dean was a different story. Dean was not Castiel’s friend. He was a neighbor, a classmate, the brother of Castiel’s best friend, and the guy who worked part time at his uncle’s salvage yard. That was all. But on the rare times that Dean asked Castiel for help, Castiel couldn’t find it in him to turn him down. Because this was Dean. And the answer would never be “no” when it came to Dean.
Thunder & Angels (AU)author: pm_loword count: 54263summary: Castiel’s family owns the shoddily-regulated coal mine where John Winchester works, so Dean storms Cas’s mansion, demanding answers from the drugged-out trust-fund kid. In exchange for his help repairing the mine, Cas demands Dean live with him for three months and give Cas a shot at seducing him by allowing him one kiss a day.
But, Honestly (AU) ♦author: runoutofwit word count: 42,766summary: It’s been more than five years since the Winchesters left Lawrence, Kansas. Now, Dean and Sam return, and Dean is forced to confront the one regret he has from when he left: he never told his best friend he was even leaving. When he finally sees Castiel again, it’s like meeting a completely new person
Look Right Through Me (AU) ♦author: darkforetoldword count: 53,000summary: It’s his senior year in high school and Dean cares about little else than what makes him feel good. When an unexpected tragedy strikes his family, it shatters his world. Heartache tears at him while guilt worms through the wounds—and only a second chance can set him on the road toward healing. As his world reshapes, Dean rediscovers the importance of family, transcends loss and chooses something he never expected to find: love.This is a coming-of-age story in which Dean wages through some of life’s most challenging obstacles. In the end, he steps closer toward self-forgiveness, learns the true meaning of trust and finds his version of a happy ending.
No Sound For You (AU) ♦author: Joohword count: 31,847summary: When John sends his sons to an all-boys Catholic school, Dean thinks his life is basically over. It’s his senior year, and Dean’s never wanted anything for himself, resigned to a life following his workaholic father’s footsteps. And then he meets Castiel.
If I’m Drowning Please Don’t Save Me (AU) ♦author: dudewithwingsword count: 46,489summary: Dean’s pulling in a good grade until he gets paired with argumentative loner Cas for his midterm paper. They fight like vipers but Dean’s intrigued by the man who’s shut himself off from seemingly everyone, not to mention the police file that his hacker friend Ash drops in his lap with Cas’s history inside.
I Will Carry You Through It All (AU) ♥♦author: kimishaword count: 74,741summary: 16 Year Old Dean Winchester’s life is turned upside down when his Dad marries his current girlfriend Sophie and Dean is about to gain a new step Brother in the form of Castiel Novak. Playing happy families is clearly not on the cards when Dean realises he will never be able to think of Castiel as his brother and his feelings are taking a much more forbidden route
Not All That (AU) ♦author: totalizzyness word count: 100,972summary: There’s one rule at Kripke High - don’t talk to the Novaks! Dean Winchester broke that rule day one.
Someone I Forgot To Be (AU) ♦author: matildamavisword count: 38,691summary: Dean and Cas were in love, once - until something happened to blow it all to hell. But fate’s a sadistic bitch that throws them together again eight years later, because maybe they’ve matured enough to be able to handle it this time. …Fate has clearly overestimated Dean Winchester.
That’s Not My Name (AU) ♦author: dizbilword count: 36,457summary: Do you know Sarah Wesson? The famous writer giving advices to people? Well she has nothing to do with Dean, the man just works in the same newspaper as her. That’s all. Expect that it’s not really the truth, but Dean doesn’t have time to worry about that. No, he’s too busy falling in love with that perfect literature teacher, Castiel Novak.
Upside Down (AU) ♦author: mamageekword count: 22,606summary: Castiel Novak is the school’s stereotypical bad boy - always skipping class and making a big deal about his motorcycle. So when he starts paying attention to quiet nerd Dean Winchester, Dean doesn’t quite know what to do about it. When he agrees to tutor Castiel in Calculus, he starts to wonder if he’s made the biggest mistake of his life, but it’s not long before he realises things aren’t always what they seem.
Where I Lay My Heart (AU) ♦author: fallonsongword count: 14,218summary: Dean’s friend bets that he can’t get Castiel Novak to fall in love with him in a week, a bet Dean willingly takes, completely unaware of what he is getting himself into. With the invasion of Normandy looming ever closer, Dean finds that it may not take a week for Cas, and himself, to fall in love.
We All Have Our Time Machines (AU) ♦author: wandersfoundword count: 26,000summary: Castiel wakes up in the snow with no memory of how he got there. He can’t go home because he doesn’t remember where home is. Dean, a professor at a local college, finds the man and offers him a ride. Despite a bad experience in the past, Dean agrees to let Castiel stay with him until he regains his memory. Castiel— or Jimmy, as Dean calls him— has one clue to his identity: a ring that might be an engagement ring. He figures there must be someone out there looking for him and, although Dean finds his feelings for Castiel growing, he agrees to help Castiel look for her. What they find isn’t something either could have expected.
When You’re Seventeen (AU) ♦author: alreadypainfullygoneword count: 15,787summary: Dean breaks Castiel’s heart in high school. Fifteen years later he’s trying to make it right.
Promises (AU) ♥♦author: destielshipperword count: 57,699summary: Castiel and Dean have been together for more than six years and are still happily married but what happens when a tragic accident leaves Castiel with severe memory loss and gives the guys their biggest challenge yet?
El Tango de Amor (AU) ♦author: literaryoblivionword count: 16,401summary: Every Tuesday and Thursday, Dean leaves, is gone for two to three hours, and comes home sweaty and exhausted to the apartment he and his brother Sam share. Sam had asked him where he went once, and Dean had said he was working out, which technically wasn’t a lie. What he was doing was definitely giving him a workout, just not in the traditional sense. In all actuality though, Dean was leaving every Tuesday and Thursday for a dance class. A dance class taught by a one Castiel Novak.

So, this is my first destiel fic rec. I’ve read so many fanfiction, but there are only a few that I can call my favorite.
You’ll see that it’s mostly AUs, but there are also canon!verse and end!verse. I have a special spot in my heart for snarky/fucked up Cas and pining Dean. There’s a lot of angst, so be aware, but sometimes I read the fluffiest fics ever, so you’ll find them here too. Please, pay attention to all the warnings before you start reading.The first ten are my all-time favorite and I always keep re-reading them. But there are one person I think I should mention here. Dear 
Jenny, I love you and your fics and your meta. Don’t ever change.
I’m going to update this every time I read a new awesome fic.
So, hope you enjoy it! :)

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